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Lessons are usually taken as 1 hour, 1 and a half hours or more commonly, 2 hour blocks, although any other length of lesson is available. 2 hour blocks are the most common as it generally reduces the total number of hours required to learn to drive, and therefore reduces the total cost.

A discount is offered where 10 lessons are booked and paid for in advance.

I pride myself on providing the best quality lesson, every lesson. Which is why I don't do special very cheap introductory offers. Driving lessons, as with most things in life you get what you pay for, so you have to ask yourself, if a driving school is offering lessons at the equivalent of £10 or even £5 per hour, how can they do this and still earn a living with the current high costs associated with owning and running a car? If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is. If you have lessons with me, you will drive the car for as long as possible every lesson, including the first one. Obviously we will have to spend a certain amount of time parked up to ensure you understand what we are about to do, but I will always keep this time to the minimum possible. I am not the cheapest driving instructor around, but you will spend less money overall if you learn with me, as you will have fewer lessons overall.

I have an iPad with several driving instructor apps, which enables me to describe situations and techniques, and check your understanding quicker and easier than ever, which means even more time can be spent driving and less time parked up.

The Pass Plus course comprises of 6 hours in total and is charged at the usual hourly rate. This includes the pass plus booklet and certificate. The 6 subjects covered are motorway driving, dual carriageways, adverse weather conditions, country roads, night driving and busier town driving. The aim of the course is to cover aspects of driving which aren't usually taught on regular driving lessons, hopefully resulting in a safer and more consciensious driver.

All lessons do not include any of my travelling time; if you pay for an hour, you will spend an hour in the car.

Current Lesson Prices (as of September 2014)

£25 per hour (2 hours £50 etc)
£235 for 10 hours if paid upfront

Any lessons for full licence holders (ie pass plus or motorway lessons) are an additional £2 per hour.

FREE LESSON OFFER; If you recommend me to a friend or family member, I will give you a 1 hour lesson free for each new pupil that starts learning with me.


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Please note that all the above services are offered in accordance with the Will Walker School of Motoring Business Terms, which can be found to the right under the terms & information button.

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